Here at Gushwa Heating & Air, we have easily become Michiana's best HVAC Company due to our passion and precision for our services and our customers alike. If you are looking for Residential HVAC in Michiana, you have come to the right place!
Our Residential Services include:

Residential HVAC Installation
Residential HVAC Replacement
Residential HVAC Repair
Residential HVAC Maintenance
Residential HVAC Ductless Systems



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HVAC Installation and Replacement is one of the things that we at Gushwa Heating & Air LLC do best! This service starts with a routine and simple inspection of your unit(s) so that we can determine exactly what the issue is, the size of the problem and exactly how to get to the bottom of it. After our examination, depending on the damage to your unit, we may decide that a total replacement is necessary. If this is the case, our well-trained and skilled technicians will install the highest-rated appliance(s) in your home or office.
Like any of our services, we always give a fair and free estimate along with an approximate time of how long further services will take so that you can figure accordingly.

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All of our services, including HVAC Repair and Maintenance, begin with a checkup to see exactly what it is that is causing your Heating and Air issues. In doing this, we can find exactly what it is that is the problem so that we can then evaluate and find the best way to repair your appliances.
As our Repair and Maintenance begins, we keep all of our appliances running at full capacity, which we do in a way that is 100% safe for our employees, your equipment and, above all, you. This keeps your day going with no hindrance and will make you feel as if we are not even there. Furthermore, we will offer you insight as to what it is that you can do to keep your equipment well-maintained between visits which means less hassle for you and more money savings, something we love to provide our customers!

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Ductless Systems are great alternatives to the ladder as they are quiet, energy-efficient, futuristic and, of course, ductless.
Being ductless, these systems are often quicker to install and are less invasive to your home or office's skeletal system. And although this may seem to mean that they are not as efficient as a traditional HVAC system, they are equally as effective and some believe they are even more attractive.
Our Ductless Mini-Split Systems are whisper-quiet, energy-efficient and work perfectly for Heating and Cooling a home or office. In addition, Ductless Systems also allow for flexible room-by-room temperature control.

Our belief at Gushwa Heating & Air is that HVAC is more than just Heating and Air through your home and office. It is the comfort that creates memories, opens new doors, closes business deals and brings loved ones together. 

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HVAC Installation,
HVAC Replacement,
HVAC Repair/ Maintenance
or Ductless Systems,

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